The Program


2 Tracks: Core Seminars track (theology and Scripture) and counseling track

  • Participants can choose one or both tracks
  • We will be largely utilizing the Core Seminars published by 9Marks Ministries/Capitol Hill Baptist Church and counseling materials from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). The Core Seminars will be lecture and discussion format while the counseling track will utilize the ACBC video training and discussion.
  • The counseling track classes and materials fulfill the “Phase 1” requirements necessary for for the certification process for those interested in becoming certified biblical counselors with ACBC.

2 Years

  • During the two years we will cover all the training material (see schedule below for more details).
  • Participants may join at any time or stop at any time.

2 Types of Participants

  • Anyone may enroll as an “Auditor” or “Leader in Training”.



For Auditors, no homework will be assigned. Simply show up for the Tuesday nights.

For Leaders in Training, there will be a short weekly reading and presentation/discussion at each class. Participants will also lead short presentations regularly.

*Auditors are still welcome to complete readings as well.

*As possible, we will encourage those who are considering serving as elders in their local churches to also begin participating and serving with the pastor(s)/elder(s) in their churches—counseling, visitation, evangelism, elder meetings, etc.



The Training Center is open to all men and women from any churches or denominations. (All teachers and training will be in agreement with the foundational documents of the Gospel Coalition.)



  • $25 for Auditors (no homework)
  • $40 for Leaders in Training

*Costs will cover printed materials, coffee/tea, and a book (for the Leaders in Training). *Babysitting will be provided, individuals or couples should bring $2-3 per child per night. Final cost will be determined by

*Financial assistance is available for any who have need. 





Sept 04 – Nov 20, 2018

  • Counseling track Theological Foundations for Counseling
  • Core Seminars track Biblical Theology

Jan 08 – Mar 26, 2019

  • Counseling track Family + Marriage + Parenting
  • Core Seminars Old Testament

May 07 – July 30, 2019

  • Counseling track Conflict and Mediation
  • Core Seminars track Gospel of Mark + Hermeneutics


Sept – Nov 2019

  • Counseling track Common issues (anger, pornography, abuse, etc.)
  • Core Seminars track New Testament

Jan – Mar 2020

  • Counseling track Advanced Observation
  • Core Seminars track Systematic Theology

May  – July 2020

  • Counseling track Advanced Observation
  • Core Seminars track Ephesians + Hermeneutics



While we have no affiliation with any theological or counseling institutions, we will offer a certificate of completion to those complete the Leaders in Training program. This would also require a letter of endorsement from your pastor. Such a certificate serves as a public acknowledgment by the participating churches that you have pursued and completed a course of training that can serve as the necessary theological and practical foundation for eldership (or other leadership) roles in a local church.


Download the registration form here: MWCLTC Registration Form Fall 2018